Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Got a job, got another job? Oh and some resources!

So in my previous post I mentioned that I lost employment with PopSci, but gained employment with a TCG company called Legacy. Then a week after working for these guys I get a call from a previous employer with some work.

Gah, life of the artist! Starving for 6 months busy for 2 months. I'm not really complaining now I've got something else constructive to work towards, yay lets kick woe in the butt!

And here's some fantabulous resources, a complete 3D reference library of the human body.

If you'd like to get the full version, I think you all know how to google. ;)

Here's a list of websites that have resources and tutorials on them, I've posted them in order I use the most often.

Paul Richards Thumbwar, save these make them your desktop slideshow!

I have about 5,000 other artist images that rotate on my desktop every minute. When I'm stuck I minimise and stare at my screen and have a break for 5 mins taking in everything relevant to what I'm doing from the art that's passing by my eyes. And when these thumbwar images come up it's like a little check list to see what I'm forgetting. 

A general tutorial covering everything from

Line Art, Studies, Terminology, Seeing, Shadows, Hues, Skin Tones, Colour Identity, Colour relativity.

Separated tutorials going more in depth (mostly about light)

Including light direction, natural light, artificial and indoor light. Also tutorials on perspective, one point, two point and three point.

Photoshop short cuts and more ways to observe your studies

These tutorials are by Henning Ludvigsen, an artist and art director for several game publishing companies, such as Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games and Edios. And even publishing tutorials in imagineFX magazine.

His tutorials cover topics such as, painting glass, distortion and refraction, painting glow effects, painting puddles, icicles, oily wet skin, materials, beards, volumetric light and even gold.

Super detailed break down of composition

23 glorious pages all about composition!

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