Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A discussion about improvement and a quick gesture guide.

This is for all those people who are feeling frustrated about improvement in their painting skill. 

During periods of frustration it means that your actual technical skill is lower than your ability to see. We’ve all been there, looking at one of your favourite artists and seeing the paint strokes and knowing why they’re sitting there… so you you try that on your piece, but it doesn’t turn out quite the same.

This is when the practice-practice-practice up the technical skill mountain comes into play, you keep trying and and failing until you get what you’re missing and your technical skill meets your ability to see. 

This is where things get interesting, it’s quite rewarding figuring out what it was that was holding you back, learning that new thing to take you to the next step, we feel proud! We’ve accomplished! Our perceived technical skill is now higher than our actual technical skill and and our ability to see. At these times you wont feel frustrated.

And the more times you go through this process the quality of your work will improve overtime!

Keep patient, keep vigilant, learn the things that you hate (or find hard) and you can’t do anything but improve.


I was practising some anatomy and realised I've been using a systematic approach to guidelines and anatomy. So here's a page on some small tips and the steps that I go through.

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