Thursday, 6 September 2012

Chimp in a tank, Universal Chicken mascot and some board game themed sketches...

Chimp in a tank is what happens when you have a household of programmers and an artist. Chimp in a tank is mostly verbal ideas and some written down mechanics, so it's hard to show what's going on. So here's some chimpy-themed sketches instead.

So it was late and I was sitting at the table doodling, Universal Chicken doesn't necessarily need a mascot but here's one anyways. The whole shape of the little guy is based off of the logos egg/bird combo.

And here's an assortment of sketches that I drew while gaming and the like. From top downwards: zombies? the some whacky chihuahua and cattle hanging out and lastly a sketch of the abbot from Citadels, cool game that one. The art dramatically jumps up in quality from the first set.

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